Saturday, April 25, 2009


By the time I stepped into the river, it was already after 3:00. It was sunny, warm and breezy. There were some small mayflies coming off, but no trout rising. I messed around with soft-hackles and streamers for a while, when I noticed a dark cloud in the north. The wind picked up and the cloud came toward the steam quickly.

It was a 15 or 20 minute walk out to the car, so I started back, hoping to make it before the thunderstorm hit. By the time I reached my car, lightning was flashing in the sky and it was drizzling.

As I drove south, it was bright in front of me and very dark behind. I thought I could surf ahead of the storm, but my Mississauga it caught up to me from the west. Winds were extreme. Visibility was poor. The air was filled with litter from the sides of the highway. I exited the 410 onto the 401 and then quickly got off at Renforth and drove the rest of the way off the highway.

Well, I didn't get much fishing in, but it was good to get out, even for a short while.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trout season opens next week-end in Ontario

For me, opening day is about checking out a stream. What happened over the winter? Are there any new, promising runs and pools? It's an opportunity to organize my gear and make sure I'm ready for some good spring fishing ahead. It's also a chance to do a little casting, after a long winter.

I haven't yet decided where I'll wet a line this opening day. I may wait until the last minute to do that. Suggestions are always welcome.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I was on my way to visit a Newfoundland breeder this morning when I crossed this lovely looking river. They had snow up there on Friday and you can see some still on the ground. I've never fished this branch of this river, although the system is well known as a brown trout fishery.

While visiting our pup-to-be I asked the question. "So, that stream down the road? Any trout in there? I'm a fly fisher, you see." "Yes, it's a trout stream." "Any public access?" "Some, yes. There's another smaller stream flows into it too you might want to check out. Maybe bring your rod next time...some good browns."

Rivers. I love them.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lot of rain

I always like to see plenty of rain in the spring. Plenty of water in the streams makes for a good season. Now of course our streams are overflowing torrents of chocolate milk. The other day on the news people were warned to keep children and pets away from local rivers.

It's going to be an interesting spring. I have three weeks off work at the beginning of the season, but it's going to be a busy time for me because we're getting a Newfoundland pup. She'll be 8 weeks old when we pick her up at the beginning of May and she's going to need a lot of my attention. Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak away for a few afternoons or evenings on the stream during that time.

Season opens in just three weeks.