Thursday, June 04, 2009


I fished the Grand River today, below Fergus. There were a lot of guys out at the more popular spots. At the place I planned to park, there were seven cars, so I went to a another spot that gets less play. There were a lot of caddis around, various sizes, including little wee black ones and big brown ones. At about 6:00 pm foxes started coming off sporadically but if the trout were on them I couldn't see them. I caught a couple small ones mid-afternoon on nymphs and another small one later on an adult caddis. I only saw one big trout. It came up twice at the base of a cliff. I cast over it for an hour but nada.

I was surprised to see so few trout working given the amount of bugs around. Still it was a lovely day to be standing in a river and a few small trout is better than no trout at all.


Anonymous haveflywillfish said...

I was going to head there this weekend but got distracted with other choices. I do not head there as often as I should.
It's quite a pretty river.

9:39 PM  

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