Friday, June 12, 2009

A half day off work not an opportunity to be squandered to I trundled off to the river. It was a comfortable sunny day with some cloud cover later on. The water was a little bit high and a little bit coloured. There was a spattering of bug activity, including a few March Browns that somebody forgot to tell the hatch was over. There wasn't a lot of action except for some little ones until I caught a lovely 15 inch brown in a fast deepish run below a big rock where the river flows behind a group of houses. This brown came up for a March Brown dun pattern. I caught it in a beautiful run which I never fail to spend some time at when I fish this stretch of water - even though this was the first trout I've caught there in a couple seasons. Beautiful day to be on a trout stream.


Anonymous haveflywillfish said...

That is a lovely size fish for that stretch of water. Well done.
I'm hoping to head up there soon and will make sure to look for a "big rock." :-) lol.

11:07 PM  

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